Our mission

We are committed to building bridges in between Guatemala and the U.S. with Coffee.

Our vision

Empowerment of farmers and roasters to have control over their products to make the best profits and develop relationships based on real trust.

Roasted Coffee Wholesale

We believe that both countries economy can improve together by providing real competitive prices to our Farmers, and competitive prices to our coffee shop, restaurants and business owners here in the U.S. by providing the freshest roasted coffee directly sourced from our farms in Guatemala, and roasted here, in the beautiful city if Portland, Oregon.

Green Beans Wholesale

We don’t want to stop here, we want to be a platform for roasters and farmers to communicate with each others directly and fix their prices themselves, facilitating the tools and resources we have to achieve such goals with success and provide the most benefit to our farmers. Allowing the roaster to pay our farmers directly and let our farmers cover the expenses of the export-import process, by educating them how everything works, and charging them a percentage they think is fair to pay us to make our profits, even if in some cases we might not make any.

Our goal is to help farmers to create wealth, and we are already working a model with our own farm.