Do you do direct trade?

We do more than direct trade. We are the farmers ourselves, we have been working harvesting coffee for years, picking it up with our own hands when the opportunity has been there, and spend the harvesting days with our coworkers.

Why to buy from you and not someone else?

We come from scratch. My father started working in a coffee farm when he was 12 years old, and went to school without shoes. He was a warrior, he worked hard to be able to have his own little farm. So, we know very well, where we come from, and for that reason, we want

How are you going to help others to grow?

We have set up a plan to benefit not only the farmers, but roasters and coffee shop owners as well by providing them the best competitive market prices since there is no middle man but us. But we don’t want to stop there, we want to recognize our coworkers hard work, and the coworkers hard

What do you mean by “direct trade” Labels?

While is not a generalization, there is a lot of fake marketing out there that unfortunately, we have been able to see in Guatemala, and here in the U.S. in which companies promote a type of “direct trade” but still use a middle man to facilitate the export-import of the coffee beans, in which that

What companies do that?

We won’t talk about any company that we know that has this practice, or similar that we know of. We are using this as a reference to make sure that we keep our own processes clear and transparent with our farmers and customers.

Are you a small farmer?

We used to, but thanks to the opportunity of being in the U.S. and work hard every day, we have been able to acquire through loans, a bigger portion of land, placing ourselves in a middle size coffee farmers category.

How does your saving matching system works?

Depending of our coworkers situation, we will have 5 different layers for our saving matching system. Each layer will be determined by the age, the family members that work with us, the dependents, and saving purpose.  Based on each layer, we will match our coworkers saving from 1 dollar up to 5 dollars for each