What do you mean by “direct trade” Labels?

While is not a generalization, there is a lot of fake marketing out there that unfortunately, we have been able to see in Guatemala, and here in the U.S. in which companies promote a type of “direct trade” but still use a middle man to facilitate the export-import of the coffee beans, in which that middle man, takes a juice cut from the farmer payment. And also, some companies, in order to be able to keep consistency and volume while keeping their cost reasonable, buy more often from wealthy big coffee farmers, than poor small farmers, and use “Coyotes” to buy coffee from regions without running into the struggle of working with so many people for small quantities.

We know, how that is, but, that’s not something that is going to stop us to do things right, and develop a real platform to not only be fair, but transparent and not pretend on doing something as a makeup to use for marketing strategies.